Hack an Instagram Account

Top 5 Ways to Hack an Instagram Account

Would you like to hack Instagram account because you’ve forgotten your password or someone else has access to your account and they can’t get in? In this comprehensive tutorial you will learn the best methods to hack an Instagram account including free apps.

TOP 5 methods

Interesting methods of hacking an Instagram on the Internet. Most of them are out of date or refer to scam and spam websites that do not work. You should definitely refrain from doing this. We show the best methods of how you can really hack an Instagram and what options you have to do so. 


Phishing is one of the oldest methods of stealing passwords and access data of all kinds. Specifically, it is about misleading the user and stealing the password or the complete access data. This mostly works with fake websites and messages that look like the real original. Hack an Instagram Account

For example, you can recreate a login page that looks exactly like a real Instagram login page to deceive the user and let them enter the access data themselves. This works the same with fake apps and the like. 

One of the best-known providers for the construction of such sites is Z Shadow. Since their domain changes regularly, you should simply search for it yourself via Google. Above is a screenshot of how real these pages look using the example of Instagram. But there are also other social networks that can be recreated. 

Spy apps

There are currently dozens of spy apps on the market that can monitor activity on a wide variety of end devices. However, it is primarily about security. Most of the time, such applications are used by parents to see which pages the children are on. A lot can be recorded here, from simple screen recording to key input.

Flexispy is a well-known provider of such software solutions.


Another possibility that hackers have been practicing for a wide variety of hacks for years is bruteforcing. This is a special method in which the login page is tested with millions of potential passwords until the password is found out. This list is called the Wordlist and you can find countless of them on the Internet.

Below is a video tutorial by a hacker which demonstrates in 2 minutes how easy it is to gain access to an Instagram account through bruteforcing. All you need is Kali Linux (security & penetration software), a word list and some script which you can get from Github. 

Forgot Password

A simple method, but usually not very practicable, to get the password of an Instagram user is simply to click on the “Forgot Password” button and try to restore the password via SMS. The recovery link is sent to the mobile device via SMS within a few seconds. So if you have access to the mobile device you can change the password within 1 minute.

Saved passwords

However, if you don’t have access to a smartphone but to a notebook and PC, it will be easier. Because most of them have their passwords saved in the appropriate browser. So if you go to the Instagram login page you will immediately have the opportunity to log in. Before you log in, click on Show password and you will see the password immediately. 


In our experience, very few really pay attention to security on the Internet and handle confidential data negligently. Therefore, it is always made very easy for hackers to hack these accounts. In theory, you could get access to different social media accounts in a few minutes.

Tool recommendation – Massgramer

For those who want to grow faster and more efficiently on Instagram, use an Instagram automation tool with a proxy. We recommend Massgramer for this . This is currently by far the best Instagram bot on the market. Sometimes you get the following functions:

  • Auto Like / Comment / Follow / Unfollow 
  • Auto DM / Respond
  • Post / feed / story planning (scheduling)
  • Hashtag generator
  • Advanced Analytics

and much more.

It is therefore a complete all-in-one Instagram marketing and automation tool. It is now even possible to add your own proxy with a click of the mouse, which makes the entire process incredibly secure. In comparison, it is also one of the cheapest tools on the market with a free trial version.


In the end there are many ways to get there. Hacking Instagram accounts is relatively easy if you know how to do it. Accordingly, very large accounts were often hacked. Common hacking methods such as phishing, bruteforcing etc. still work very well today. Therefore you should try as much as possible to keep your own security as high as possible.