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Become a Hacker ?

Become a Hacker ?

become a hacker: Hacker is a person who uses his cybersecurity skills to infiltrate any system. If you want to become a hacker, you have to think like hackers. Like how to do that thing in a different way that others can’t do it. In cybersecurity are three types of hackers. 

1. Black Hat Hackers:- Black hat hackers are those who involved in all kinds of online illegal work. They do hack such as website cracking, credit or debit card hack, un-authorized system hack, etc.

2. White Hat Hackers:- This category for those hackers who works for the organization. These people don’t do hacking. That does not mean they won’t be able to do that thing. Yes, they can do this, but after the system administrator’s permission. The Internet is a safe place due to these hackers. Most of the white hat hackers also work for government agencies to catch black hat hackers.

3. Grey Hat Hackers:- This is the category of those hackers who are between black and white hat hackers. They do mix works like sometimes legal or sometimes illegal.

Now it’s your choice what do you want to be. You can decide your path by your own choice. Now we are going to discuss various aspects that are very useful to become any kind of hackers. You can follow these steps to become a perfect hacker.

Education Qualification for Hackers

There is no certain education qualification is necessary to become a hacker. But if you want to know computer networks in deep you need to understand computer fundamentals first. To understand computer fundamental you can start your education with computer science engineering. This study will create a solid base for you. If your base is strong you don’t face any kind of difficulties in the future.

Which operating System Do Hackers Use?

Think like a hacker. Most of the time you have seen that hackers using systems that are covered with the green font and black terminals. Yes, we are discussing the Linux operating system. If you are a Windows user you must change your operating system. Because Windows is a GUI based OS. So there will be lots of chances that your operating system should be hacked by hackers. Windows OS could be hack easily as compare to Linux. Because of most of the windows tasks performed by a simple click. Also, most of the 90% sever on this globe runs on Linux OS. That’s why we suggest Linux over windows OS. You must have to learn all commands related to the Linux operating system like how to control all Linux tasks with your command terminals.

Now come to the next point which Linux version do hackers use?. If you want to know our opinion about this we suggest Kali Linux to everyone. It comes with the inbuilt hacking tools like aircrack-ng, airmon-ng, Hydra & more. All tools present in the Kali Linux especially designed to perform the task which is related to the security of the network. If you want to do network stress testing this thing is the best option for you.

Which Programming Languages are Used by Hackers?

There are different opinions of everyone about hacking language. We suggest you start with Python, SQL, Java Scripts. Linux commands are written in Python language. It’s compulsory that you must be aware of Python. Next is SQL means Structure query language. This language is used to communicate with every single database present on the internet. You must have full knowledge of SQL like how it stores data in the database.

The last one is the Java Script. This language performs the most important role in the hacking world. If you are very well aware of javascript you can create every single script that you can use to do whatever you want to do. These are the main hacking programming languages. If you want to become a professional hacker like create a program and execute it from your basis you should be aware of every single language like C, C++, C#, etc.