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Where to Hire a Hacker?

Where to Hire a Hacker?

Hacking is an art. Not all can do this. Even if he is a developer still, he may not be able to do so. It remains a specific interest in a section of developers who are interested in hacking.

Is Hacking Legitimate?

Well, there are two types of hacking — one is called Ethical Hacking and the other is known as Dark Web Hacking. Naturally, white hackers deal with security management so that foreign intrusion can be blocked. They also protect the data privacy of any organization. Dark web hackers on the other hand do everything that is asked for. Yes, that might include some unwanted activities over the internet.

What a Hacker Can Do?

A hacker can do anything starting from hijacking an email account with a password to transferring millions of dollars from a bank account using the Internet. Not all the hackers are doing these, there is a section of hackers who are positively utilizing their talent. They are protecting the content and block all possible ways for the external intrusion. With all their hacking knowledge, they used to manage certain firewalls that other hackers find tough to break. With an increase in internet service all over the world, people are spending more time online. And they are doing online transactions also every time. A section of hackers keeps a close eye on these transactions as well as into payment gateways. They try to find any loopholes by which they can break the system and do the damage. They find a sigh of satisfaction after doing so and often leave with footprints so that the world can come to know about the hacker.

Tips and Tricks to Hire a Hacker

If you want to hire a hacker, then best to be with an anonymous entity. Most hackers prefer secret ways of payment including bitcoin. Normally it’s better to avoid PayPal or other similar services. You just need to create an account on the dark web hacking website and use the bitcoin address to buy bitcoins from specific sites.

As hiring a hacker requires hide of identity, so it’s better not to use any general browser used in other cases. Better to use the tor browser. Make sure to use the only website that has a .onion address that can be accessed only by the tor browser. Read all the tutorials and guidelines about hackers before entering into the dark web. It’s always advisable to stay anonymous and safe.

Once you entered into the dark web then purchasing bitcoin is the next step. As long as you are with that browser, you can pay with bitcoin. None will come to know about your identity.

At this time once everything is set, hope you are also clear for what purpose you are going to hire a hacker. It can be for numerous reasons starting from taking a particular smartphone over the remote control to check the things therein or to hack websites to steal valuable data. Hacking websites for money is one of the things everyone tries so all the financial institutions use various layers of security to protect user data.

Types of Services Hacker Provide

Irrespective of the white or black web, here are some of the services hackers used to provide:

  • Email Password Retrieve
  • Smartphone Monitoring
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Hire a hacker for Snapchat
  • Hire a hacker for Facebook
  • Hire a hacker for Instagram
  • Hire a professional hacker
  • Hire a hacker for cell phone
  • Hire a hacker for mobile phone
  • Hire a hacker for WhatsApp
  • Cheating Partner Phone Monitoring
  • Social Messaging App Surveillance
  • Cryptocurrency based Activities
  • Network Security Analysis
  • Bank Fraud Investigation
  • Computer System Monitoring
  • Employee Monitoring

Where to Find Hackers

Apart from dark web websites, there are specific service providers who can provide you, quality hackers. They offer professional hackers and mostly come from an ethical hacking background. These hackers do undergo courses to learn all the tricks to provide hacking services to their clients. These certified hackers can do any kind of activities and you can trust such organizations.

You can try leading educational organizations where ethical hacking is taught. They used to provide and one can find a good candidate in that pool. Whatever be the source, you should always check quick service delivery from the hackers with rapid response and assured result.

Apart from these, you can check the below-mentioned options to find a qualified hacker:

  • Post on Job Portals
  • Mass Mail to all Concerned
  • Join into Specific Networking Groups
  • Find Local Interest Communities
  • Organize a Hackathon Competition

Devices Covered by Hackers

  • Android / iOS Smartphones
  • Windows / Linux / Mac Computers
  • Others like Windows Smartphone, CentOS, etc.

Why Hire a Hacker?

A thief can only catch another thief as he knows how to do that. The same thing is applied in this domain also. A hacker is not an ordinary developer, rather he is one step up from them. So if he knows how to penetrate any other system then obviously he can check the faults in his system. Accordingly, he can block those holes to stop people from trying to enter from outside.

Further, if you have thought to hire a hacker that means the trouble is not a normal one. Normal developers can solve almost all the issues, but when the problem comes like cryptocurrency-related troubleshooting or DDoS attack then you must need an expert hacker.

Risk of Hiring a Hacker

The risk remains in every aspect of life, so you should not be afraid of doing that only for the sake of it. But, yes, one has to take enough precautions even to hire a hacker. He must be an anonymous entity in the network platform and every step should be a measured one. The payment should be using bitcoins so that no trace is found in the case of normal transactions. Further, one has to use a specific browser to enter the details as those are safe enough to hide your identity. Together with all if maintained, then there remains a lesser risk of identification.

So, if you are looking for a cryptocurrency fraud investigation or web server security analysis, then hackers are the best person to give you the desired result. There is no definite rule of how to hire a hacker but one has to check all possibilities to find a hacker.