Top 10 Different Types Of hire a Hacker Trending In 2020!

hire a hacker“Only the insecure strive for security.” – Wayne W. Dyer (Author)

hire a hacker

All your devices connected to the internet are insecure. Smartphones, tablets, PDAs, and computers, everything is vulnerable in this internet age. We daily come across terms like ‘hackers,’ ‘cyber threat,’ ‘breach,’ ‘cyber-security,’ etc. But we never suspect that we are equally exposed to these threats as any large organization is. 

These organizations can hire a hacker to spy on their rivals and customers, and strengthen their security. But for us, we need to start by getting ourselves familiar with the concept of hacking and hacker.

What is a Hacker? hire a hacker

According to Google, “a hacker is a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.” To put it simply, a hacker is an intruder, who steals from you or may even use your belongings for himself without you suspecting anything.

Hackers nowadays use several methods to gain access to your device and steal your information. They may send you emails with attachments that contain malware or infected links that download malware on a click. 

You may also get tricked by fake profiles, advertisements, or software. However, if your device or network is without any decent protection, it might already have been compromised. But hackers are not all bad guys. 

There are types of hackers who bring people’s attention toward social issues, called ‘hacktivists.’ Some whistleblowers unveil conspiracies and leak sensitive data for awareness of people. WikiLeaks is a popular example of this. hire a hacker

Types of Hackers! hire a hacker

There are many types of hackers present in cyberspace. The top 10 trending ones are classified below,

Main Trio: All hackers can be generalized in these three types of hackers. They are:

  1. Black Hats: THE BAD GUYS – Everything the common public imagine a hacker to be, this is it. They hack into your computers, devices, or network systems with malicious intent. Mostly it involves a gain of some sort, like money. But sometimes, they stir up violence and chaos.
  2. White Hats: THE GOOD GUYS – They are the people who practice hacking to help people. They have no malicious and criminal intentions. Often classified as ethical hackers, they help strengthen cyber-security by spotting holes.
  3. Grey Hats: THE NEUTRALS – They mostly practice hacking just because they like it. They possess the same skill-set as the above two, but neither cause harm nor help people. They do, however, hack into your system without any consent, but they won’t steal anything and may repair the holes in your security if you pay them.

Sub Trio: The main three types can be sub-divided into the following,

  1. Green Hats: THE ENTHUSIASTS They are just enthusiastic about hacking. That’s it. It is the same as people are interested in guns but most likely won’t fire one. They are only interested in knowledge.
  2. Red Hats: THE WARRIORS Their primary objective is to work against the Black Hats. They may belong to an organization or be an individual in his basement. They intercept and flush the schemes of black hats out. Typically, these are the Heroes of the cyber world. 
  3. Blue Hats: THE AMETURES They are the aggressive programmers who are motivated by petty reasons such as revenge. They may also look for quick cash if it is part of their revenge scheme. But you don’t have to worry about them if you have not done something for someone to exact revenge on you.

Methods: These hackers are classified based on their experience and style:

  1. Script Kiddie: THE NEWBIES They are the type that uses hacking software or coding scripts. They don’t cause major damage since usually anti-viruses and cyber-security departments have taken measures against them.
  2. Social Engineers: THE TRICKSTERS They manipulate people to share certain information or trick them into doing something. They can approach you in the form of an email from a reliable source, a fake website, or a fake social media profile.
  3. Elite Hackers: THE PROs They are the geniuses in the cyber-space. They are experts in what they do. Their numbers are limited, but that does not apply to their skills.
  4. Hired Hackers: THE WORKERS Corporations and State may hire a hacker to spy on their rival corporations or countries. They also work to steal information, disrupt their networks, and monitor the security.

Hackers may have different skills and motivations, but they do break into your systems. Some hackers may hold your data hostage via ransomware, where you are only able to access it after paying the ransom. Although it’s not only your data, your hardware is a target as well. Take necessary and possible measures, and stay safe.