hire an hacker

hire an hacker And if you’re looking to make this investment, you are making the right decision. With the never-ending evolution of technology and increasing cyber activity, cyber threat has become a common term. But cyber-security may cost tons of money. If you are a large organization, you may afford it. But the same cannot be said for the smaller businesses. 

In such a case, you may consider hiring a hacker. ‘But, hiring a hacker for security?’ If your thoughts are dwelling along those lines, let us help you out. Here are a few things you must know before you choose to hire an hacker.

Vital Factors to consider when hiring a Hacker!

Understanding Hacking

According to Google, “the act of gaining unauthorized access to data in a system or computer,” is called hacking. To put it simply, it is an activity where your data and information in your devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computer and your network system is accessed without your knowledge or permission.

In common perception, they are unlawful activities committed by whiz kids or programmers who are self-taught. However, hacking is a lot more than that. Hacking may not always be for malicious intent. It can be used to strengthen security or to track illicit internet activity. The most common way for hacking is by sending malware. They are usually camouflaged within advertisement pop-ups. Malware may not require any user interaction.

What is a Hacker?

Considering what we discussed in the last section, a hacker is someone who performs the act of hacking. Or, as Google defines, “a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.” Various types can characterize hackers on a different basis:

  1. Based on Ethics
    • Good Guys – White Hats
    • Bad Guys – Black Hats
    • Grey Hats – Neutral Hackers
  2. Based on Motivation
    • Financial Gains: They steal your money or make money by ransoms. 
    • Street Credit: Some hackers want to become famous and get a hacking name for themselves. 
    • Corporate Espionage: These are hired by a company to spy on the rival companies. 
    • National Security: These are hackers hired by the state or government to steal intelligence from the rival countries and strengthen national security.
    • Hacker Activists: Commonly termed as ‘hacktivists,’ are a group generally made of white hats who are politically and socially motivated. They consist of whistleblowers. 
    • For Fun: These hackers don’t have a set goal in their minds. They would hack into anything for a trivial reason like a challenge.
  3. Based on Employment
    • Freelancers: They are temporarily hired and paid remotely to carry out a task.
    • Employed: Also known as ‘Ethical Hackers,’ are scouted by organizations and work for the benefit of them.
    • Self Employed: These hackers work for none but themselves. Generally consisting of black hats.

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

Most groups that are concerned with national security hires hackers to monitor their security. Internet Service Providers hire hackers to find the chink in their armor and repair it. Also, hackers are hired to keep an eye out for illicit cyber activity.

Companies hire an hacker to protect their data. These hackers are called ethical hackers who generally work against other hackers. They usually hack into the company network to test and evaluate security. They work without any criminal intent and with the best interests of their employer in their minds.

Cybercrime and Cyber Security

A crime committed by a hacker is generalized as cybercrime. Cybercrime usually involves a network or a computer device. Cyber-security refers to information and data security from theft or damage. In other words, it is security against cybercrimes.

Sometimes, you are tricked into providing personal data, or deceived into clicking links and malicious attachments. This is called Social Engineering.


You can hire an hacker for yourself in your budget. But before you do that, be sure to know who you are hiring and for what purpose. A tool for one can be a weapon for others. Remember, there are a lot of hackers with different motivations and goals. Choose the right one for you.