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A hacker is the one who finds a weakness in the computer system or network and fixes it. The increase in online activities is responsible for the growth of hacks. Hacking is taking control over devices like androids, iPhones, computers, tablets, and even networks. On hearing the word hacker or hacking, a bad expression comes on our face because we think it is a malicious process. But this is not always correct. Some hackers do it to help society.

Why do hackers hack

There are many types of hackers who does hacking with different goals. Usually, hackers break into a computer system for the following reasons.
Some do it for financial gain by hacking credit or debit card numbers. Or bank account numbers.
Many companies hire good hackers to secure their networks.
Who wish to take revenge on their friends to hack the systems.
Others do it for fun.
Some hackers are socially or politically motivated to crack the enemy’s account.

Types of hackers

Not every hacker is a criminal; good hackers hack to stop criminals. Hackers are broadly classified into fourteen types; let us understand the main three.
ü White hats: approved hackers
All white hat hackers are learnt and skilled. Many sectors professionally hire them. These hackers find out the system’s security vulnerabilities before the criminal hackers do it. They are hired in large numbers by government sectors to avoid attacks by the opposite countries and data breaches.
ü Black hats: corrupt hackers
These are cybersecurity criminals who hack the computer system and network illegally. These hackers are probably the ones who you get in mind when you hear the word hacker. These people are also well-skilled and qualified but use their knowledge for the wrong purpose. These hackers spoil the reputation of individuals or organizations by stealing their sensitive information or by altering their network.

Grey hats: crack for fun hackers

These hackers use the same techniques as white and black hat hackers, but their intentions are very much different from them. They get involved in hacking activities just for enjoyment. Grey hats always try the methods of white hats. But sometimes follow black hats to penetrate the network or systems without permission from owners.
Hackers use the tools like social engineering, botnets, browser hijacks, denial of service attacks, ransomware, rootkits, trojans, viruses, worms. For criminally minded hackers, business is the best house. They often target organizations to improve their gain. To safeguard your business from hackers, implement network segmentation, enforce the principle of least privilege, backup all your data, make your staff understand the effects of hacking, hire Indian hackers to counter-attack.

This is a group of hacktivists motivated by political parties in US. They are known for the hacking of CNN, Fox News, and central banks, steeling sensitive information of the Israeli government and armed forces of the United States, cracking the Twitter account of Afghanistan’s Chief Executive. They are also one among the biggest hacker group Anonymous. Many government sectors hire these Indian hackers to solve their issues.
Legion activities group
This group of US hackers is new to the field of hacking, being founded in 2019. They have interesting tools to hack bank servers. They usually target powerful and rich people. This group came limelight when they hacked the Twitter account . Later they continuously hacked Twitter accounts of famous figures When Russian government banned the use of Telegram in 2021, this group hacked their system and wrote a message against it.
Unique ethical hacking