Phone Hacking And SMS Leaks

“How to spy on Cell Phone”

spy on Cell Phone:: Many of us thinks that spying cell phone means hacking which is totally wrong. There is much difference between Cell Phone Spy and Cell Phone Hacking. Cell Phone spy is an official application which is used legally and it is mainly used by the users, so that, they can keep an eye on their relative, friend or kid’s cell phone so that they don’t go on some wrong path.
Whereas, Cell Phone Hacking is totally opposite of it. It is basically used by an organization to hack an individual’s phone and this cell phone hacking is illegal, and danger to our humanity system.

Cell Phone Hacking

In the world, there are many experts hackers which use illegal ways to hack the user’s cell phone and use their personal data for wrong purposes, and these hackers are very expert in hacking the user’s cell phone.
Moreover, if we talk about YouTube, no expert hacker will share their hacking videos or tips so the users should always keep in mind that YouTube is not going to make them the expert hackers by seeing some random video.
In this article, we will get to know about the legal ways through which we can spy on our relative’s cell phone etc. and we can have remote access of it and then you all don’t have to search that “How to spy on cell phone?.”
The app we are going to discuss is 100% trusted, and it is on the internet since 2012 and all the user’s data are safe with it. We can use this app to get access of a spy on cell phone.
By this we can get to know from far also that whom our victim has called, and we can also access their whtasapp-facebook messages, and all their social networking sites which are connected to cell or cell phone’s file manager.

Spy on cell Phone

Steps to be followed:-
The following steps which are to be followed to spy on cell phone are:-
• First, take the cell phone of a person whom you want to spy and open any browser and type and search and then click on that.
• The moment you will click the search option you will get the download link of that application, then click on that link and download that application on user’s cell phone.
• Open that downloaded application and then you have to select the License agreement or Improvement Stability and down there type your email address on which you want to collect the data of the victim’s cell phone.
• Then click on the complete installation and finish the setup. After the finish of setup this application will get vanish from the victim’s cell phone, and he/she will never get to know that someone is spying them.
• After completing all the setup in victims cell phone, open your computer and login from the email which you have registered on that spying app. In mail, you have got a mail in which you will see the Free Android Spy Dashboard and password.
• Then you will click on the private link which is given in mail and then the login page of freeandroidspy login page will appear and then you have to log in that.

• After login you will get the details of cell phone such as-

Victims incoming and outgoing calls
SMS history
Victim’s contact list
GPS Location
Cell phone IMEI Number, etc.
• The dashboard will get refreshed after every 15 minutes, but for that there should be an internet in victims cell phone.
I hope that this will help all the readers, and also, they don’t have to search, “How to spy on cell phone” anymore.