Email Hacking

“E-mail Hacking”

E-mail Hacking in Networking and Computing means accessing another network or computer without taking technical effort. Hacking is the unauthorized intrusion on any computer, or network in which the hacker is called a Hacker, and he illegally accesses the remote computer or network without any permission. Once the hacker has accessed the system, he changes the security features of the system or network without any permission. Once the hacker has accessed the system, he changes the security features of the system or network to accomplish his goal.
Sources most vulnerable to get hacked are:-
• Smart Devices:- The devices such as smartphones are very easy targets for hackers. In particular, android devices are open source and also having inconsistent software development process like APPLE. Now-a-days, hackers are mainly targeting the millions of devices which is connected to Internet of Things.

• Webcams:-

The webcams which are built in computers are very easy and a common target now-a-days because hacking them is very easy. Hackers easily access them which allows them to spy on users, and also see their personal messages, browsing activity, etc.
• E-mail:- It is the easiest target of cyberattack. It is basically used to spread malware for phishing attacks due to which hacker target victims with malicious attachments.
• Jail broken Phones:- It means removing restrictions which are imposed on its operating system to enable user to install applications which are not available. Due to installation of these applications. Hackers then target these jail broken phones which gives them the access to steal data on the device and also attack their systems.
E-mail hacking is actually an illegal access or unauthorized access to, or manipulation of an email account or email correspondence. Email is a very widely used communication tool or method. If email gets hacked it allows the hacker to get the access to all the personal, sensitive or confidential information in the mail storage, and also allowing them to read the incoming and outgoing messages of a user.
Now-a-days, E-mail hacking and E-mail spoofing are very dangerous. It is mainly done by using 3, tools that are:-
• Email Spoofing
• Social Engineering Tools
• Inserting viruses in a user’s computer

E-mail Spoofing:-

In this, the spammer sends send the emails from unknown domains, due to which the receiver thinks that the person is their known and open that mail. These mails contain some suspicious links, unwanted content, request of money transferring etc.
Social Engineering:-
In this, the hacker send promotional mails to different users, offering very huge discounts tricking them to fill their personal data. Various tools in Kali which can drive a hacker to hijack an email or email hacking.
Inserting Viruses in a User’s Computer:-
It is a 3rd technique in which a hacker can hack the email by infecting our system with a virus or any other type of malware and with the help of this virus the hacker can get access to all our passwords.
Various techniques to detect the email hacking:-
• The account cannot get accessed and also the password no longer works.
• The sent folder contains some spam messages which is not send by the user etc.
Recently, the usernames, and passwords of some people using Yahoo Mail have been hacked. This is the 2nd incident of a breach in Yahoo’s e-mail service in the last two months. The news of someone’s mail account being hacked is not new. In such a situation, it is important for everyone to know how to keep their e-mail account safe. Google’s Gmail is the most used email in the world. There are more than 500 million users on Gmail in the world who email 100 billion daily.

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If we are using Gmail, we should also know how to keep it safe and secure. Measures to protect the account is different, but to know that if someone else has hacked our account we need to follow the following instructions:-
• First of all open Gmail account, scroll down and at the bottom of it we will see an icon of details.
• If we click on details, a pop-up window will open on which “Activity Information” will appear. In this, we will get to know that from which location, at what time and for how long the account has been used. Also, the browser and IP address will also appear. From this we can get to know that if the IP is of home and office, our account is not used from anywhere else.
• In the Activity Information windows there is an option, “Sign Out All Other Sessions” (i.e., logout if the Gmail is opened somewhere else). By clicking this, it will be logged out of all devices immediately.
Keep yourself safe from getting targeted by these hackers. Taking these steps will keep them away from your e-mail and your computer system.