Phone Hacking And SMS Leaks

Phone Hacking And SMS Leaks

Phone Hacking: our mobile phones are a major part of our day to day lives. All our information, such as bank data, shopping list, social media, contacts, photos, passwords, etc. are connected to our phones. The more information there is, the more valuable the device is for both the owner and the hacker. And in these last decade or so, our phone has become a favorite target for phone hackers in New York or any other hacker in the world. 

Our mobile phones have become the greatest spy on the planet.” – John McAfee (Computer Programmer, Founder- McAfee)

How to know if someone has hacked my phone? How could they hack into my phone? What can I do to prevent it? If your thoughts are revolving around those questions, we have got you covered. Following is some basic information regarding phone hacking that will always come in handy.

Phone Hacking ::Ways to Hack into a Phone!

A list of methods that a hacker may use to break into a phone and steal information such as SMS data, call logs, intercept calls and texts, and other valuable information.

  1. Hacking Tools/Programs

The most common way of hacking into someone’s mobile is by using programs and tools like spyware apps, etc. Many fake applications carry spyware. Although, most of the time, the hacker needs to manually install a spyware program and connect it with the host.


  • Do not install strangers or suspicious apps.
  • Do not leave your phone unattended in a public place.
  • Do not share passwords or personal information (only with trustworthy people, when necessary).
  1. Phishing

Google defines it, “the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.” This means (in this case) that hackers send you SMSs that either contain spyware or with intent to trick you into sharing your information.


  • Do not open messages from strangers.
  • Do not open any suspicious text from a reliable source (only after cross-checking with the source, if he/she sent that text or not).
  • SS7 Breach

According to Wikipedia, “Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) is a set of telephony signaling protocols developed in 1975, which is used to set up and tear down telephone calls in most parts of the world-wide public switched telephone network.” In this case, the hacker may hack into your phone with just your mobile number via bots and special programs.

Phone Hacking hackers


  • Do not share your number with strangers.
  • Do not receive calls from suspicious numbers.
  1. Social Engineering

Here the hacker may come across you as a fake social media profile, a fake offer, or anything to entice you and manipulate you into sharing personal and confidential information.


  • Do not add suspicious profiles on social media.
  • Beware of fake offers and websites.
  1. Open Networks

Open Wi-Fi networks and VPNs are a playground for hackers. They easily get into your phone as soon as you connect with them.


  • Avoid open Wi-Fi or any other network.
  • Avoid using free and suspicious VPNs.
  1. Charging Stations

Your charging ports are the same place where you share information via USB. Sometimes, hackers use these ports at charging stations to break into your device.


  • Avoid charging stations.
  • Enable the “charge only” option on your phone.

Signs that Your Phone is hacked!

Here is a list of signs that your phone may show when it is hacked.

  • Battery Drain: The battery drains quickly.
  • Sluggish Performance: The phone’s performance is poor.
  • High Data Usage: Data usage is much higher than it should be.
  • Unaccounted Text and Calls: There are unknown texts and calls in history.
  • Unaccounted Apps: There are apps on your phone that you never installed.
  • Frequent Pop-Ups: There are frequent pop-ups on your phone.
  • Unusual Activities on Linked Accounts: There is unusual activity in your linked email, social media, or any other account.

There are a lot of ways a phone hacker in New York or anywhere else can use to hack into your mobile phones. However, by taking required security measures, making smart choices, keeping eyes open for unusual activities, and being cautious, anyone can deflate the chances of getting hacked greatly.