10 Common Facts About hire online hacker

hire online hacker “Most people want security in this world, not liberty.” – T. L. Mencken (Journalist)

Having liberty in the cyber world means two things. One, you are free to utilize it however you want. Secondly, the black hats are free to do whatever they want. And since the two things are interrelated, having cyber-security is a must in this world. While these wicked hooded figures, people are have started finding ways to stop them. Hackers are a stubborn and curious society. 

They keep on learning and discovering new methods to ascertain their objectives. That is why organizations are interested to hire an online hacker. These hackers are white hats, commonly known as ethical hackers.

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Ethical hacking can be defined as “an act of penetrating an organization’s information systems to test and evaluate the security and firewall, with the consent of the organization.”

Ethical hacking is carried out by white hat hackers or ethical hackers. These hackers possess the same skills as the black hat hackers, but they work without any criminal intentions, against the black hats.

10 Uncommon Facts about Ethical Hackers!

  1. Ethical Hacking is a Real Job

Surprisingly, many people don’t think that Ethical Hacking is a real job. Organizations are in heavy need of the talent and IT instincts that hackers possess. And so, they hire an online hacker, as an employee or consultant, to review their security and other IT related issues.

  1. The Concept Predates the Concept of ‘Hackers’

In the dawn of technology, hacking was never a malicious activity. However, with the emergence of black hats in the 1980s, the meaning of the term completely shifted to criminal activity. Huge credit goes to the media that advertised hackers as criminals.

  1. The ‘Creative Computing’ hire online hacker

Creative Computing was a magazine that focused on the microcomputer revolution. It published from October 1974 to December 1985. It was considered a main source of information for many hackers, even before the internet.

  1. The term ‘Ethical Hacking.’

The term’ ethical hacking’ was first used in 1995 by IBM’s Vice President John R. Patrick. Before that, it meshed within the term ‘hacking,’ which was being popular negatively.

  1. Meaning of ‘Hacking’ in the 1960s

In the 1960s, it was a term used by students that meant finding ways to optimize systems other than that desired by the creator. Hackers were the individuals who would try to discover the better ways a particular system can be used to increase its efficiency.

  1. ‘Phreakers’ and ‘Tiger Teams’ hire online hacker

Phreakers (according to Google) were individuals that hack into telecommunication systems, especially to obtain free calls. The term emerged in the 1970s when people started hacking and mimicking the dial tones to route their calls. ‘Freak’ (sounds like Free plus C), means free calls. Then ‘F’ changed into ‘Ph’ for the phone.

hire online hacker

‘Tiger Teams’ are a group of people temporarily assembled of specific expertise in time of a crisis. In the 1970s-80s, the hired individuals were technical experts. Their objective was to seek out the issues in the system and solve them before they can be exploited. Sounds familiar?

  1. India is Leading

According to a survey, India has 23% of the world’s ethical hackers. The US comes in second with 20%, followed by Russia with only 6% at third.

  1. Top Motivations

Based on research conducted with over 2,000 ethical hackers, their motivations for getting into ethical hacking is as follows:

  • Opportunity to Learn
  • To be Challenged
  • To have Fun
  • To Make Money
  1. A Community of Young

The community of hackers consists of 85% of individuals who are under the age of 35.

  1. Earnings

These are the estimated earnings of ethical hackers.

  • 12% of all ethical hackers make more than $20,000 annually.
  • 3% makes more than $100,000 annually.
  • 1% makes more than $350,000 annually.

In 2014, Yahoo! faced the largest cyber attack. That was a wake-up call for all organizations that did not take cyber-security seriously. Thus, they started looking to hire an online hacker for their security and information systems. With people getting familiar with different prospects of hacking, it is the best time if you want to pursue ethical hacking.